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Mr. Moto's Facebook "Post Your Pet" Pizza Giveaway

Mr. Moto always gets a great response to his Facebook contests, but the “Post Your Pet” Pizza Giveaway was his favorite.  It was tough to pick a winner since both Mr. Moto Pizza House locations received any overwhelming amount of adorable submissions.  After much deliberation he determined one winning pet for Pacific Beach and one for North Park who both happened to be named “Gus“.

We want to THANK all the Facebook Friends who shared pictures of their adorable pets with us during the August 2017 promotion.  It was pretty cool to see how many of them already have already had a taste of Mr. Moto Pizza, too!  Make sure to keep checking the Facebook pages for Mr. Moto’s next contest. 

Without further adieu, behold the Contestants of the “Post Your Pet” Pizza Giveaway.  Make sure to stay tuned till the end to see the two different pets (that share the name Gus) that won Mr. Moto’s heart… and pizza!

Meet Mr. Moto All-Star Rachel

You know what they say: behind every quirky, mustached, gourmet pizza-peddling man is a sweet natured, edgy and loyal woman to help oversee in-house operations.  Okay, maybe they don’t say exactly that, but this scenario sure does describe Mr. Moto and his All-Star employee Rachel.

 Rachel has been working with the Mr. Moto and the Pizza House family since DAY 1.

When Mr. Moto opened his first location, Mr. Moto Pizza House Pacific Beach in June 2015, Rachel’s spritely personality, infectious smile, and strong work ethic made her a shoe-in for the front of house position.

With over two years over Mr. Moto experience under her belt in the busy Pacific Beach shop, just one block away from the beach boardwalk, it made sense for her to share her expertise and service-orientated attitude in the newly opened

Mr. Moto Pizza House North Park.  

Let’s get to know a little bit more about Rachel and all of her know-how!

How do you like the new Mr. Moto Pizza House North Park location and how do you think the neighborhood is receiving it?

Rachel: The new location is really nice! The customers have taken a liking to us, also.  This is a very food orientated neighborhood.  And we have beer!

How do you split your time between the North Park and Pacific Beach locations?

Rachel: I am in North Park helping out one day a week and the rest of my time is spent at Mr. Moto P.B.

Mr. Moto Pizza House is open till 2:30 a.m. on the weekends.  How do the daytime customers different from the late night rush?

Rachel:  During the day the atmosphere is pretty chill.  Our customer base is mostly families or people coming in on their lunch breaks.  The night crowd is interesting (laughs).  It can get a little crazy when the bars are getting close to ending.

Sometimes on weekend nights there is a line out the door.  When do you recommend coming by if you want to beat the crowds?

Rachel: If you come between 10pm-12am on Friday and Saturday night you can practically have the place to yourself.  After midnight it starts to get busy.

What is your favorite Mr. Moto pizza?

Rachel: Definitely the “Mamma Mia”.  It has pepperoni, bacon, Gorgonzola cheese, spinach, and garlic.  It’s so good!

And what’s your favorite Non-Pizza Mr. Moto menu item?

Rachel: Hmm…. Probably, the pasta.  I really like the Penne with the Vodka Cream Sauce.  Oh, and all the salads are good, too! My favorite dessert is hands-down the Tiramisu.

Speaking of Sauce, can you tell us what’s in the Mr. Moto “secret sauce” aka the marinara that makes it so darn good?

Rachel: I cannot.  I think only Mr. Moto has the recipe.

What’s the craziest thing someone has requested on a Mr. Moto custom pie?

Rachel:  Probably buffalo sauce instead of a red or white sauce, and anything with anchovies—especially when they combine the two! 


What is the BIGGEST Mr. Moto order you’ve ever seen go out?

Rachel:  SDGE (San Diego Gas and Electricity) once placed an order for their ENTIRE building! They ordered a little bit of everything, and I’d say about 20 pies.  It took several trips to deliver them all because, you know, the pies are BIG!

Lastly, what is the best part about being a member of the Mr. Moto team?

Rachel:  Mr. Moto Pizza House is a great place to work.  It can get a little busy and crazy at times, but overall it’s a really chill and fun environment.  And the customers are great! They seriously get so happy when you bring them their pizza.

 You heard it here:

Nobody has Mr. Moto’s SECRET marinara recipe (and if they do they’re not telling).  You can enjoy beer with your pizza at Mr. Moto North Park. 

And you can beat the weekend bar rush by coming in before midnight.


Rachel, We Salute You!

Mr Moto Says... We've got BEER in North Park!

It’s no secret that San Diego is Southern California’s celebrated Craft Beer Destination.  With a near perfect year-round climate, booming cultural and entertainment scene, some twenty colleges and universities, and a coastline sprawling fifty miles, what better place to indulge in a frothy cold brew than America’s Finest City?

 If there is one neighborhood in San Diego that “takes the keg” for pioneering the craft beer scene, without a doubt, that is North Park.  Mr. Moto, a devoted pleaser of the people, kept this on the top of his head when opening his second Pizza House location in the diversely hip and charming enclave.

 Mr. Moto and North Park, much like “Pizza & Beer”, is a match made in “foodie” heaven—but how does he decide which ones to serve with his award-winning Gourmet Pizza? His mission was to find the brews that were both delicious and refreshing, while also possessing various notes and finishes to compliment his unique pies.

 After careful consideration Mr. Moto chose two San Diego indigenous beers to serve at Mr. Moto Pizza House North Park.  The 29-time award recipient Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point was a no-brainer.  This local staple pairs well with his “Sweet Dreams” pie (Garlic Chicken, BBQ Sauce, Onion, Cilantro) and “The Perfect Trio” (Ham, Pineapple, Jalapeño, Goat Cheese).

 For a lighter, equally pleasing option Mr. Moto chose the award-winning 8 West Orange Honey Wheat by Mike Hess Brewing.  Named after San Diego beach bound I-8 freeway, this crisp ale fares with “The Wave” pie (Pepperoni, Sausage, Green Pepper, Red Onion), a similarly stuffed Stromboli, or a classic Meatball Hero.


Mr Moto Says... Congratulations!


It’s been a great year for Mr. Moto Pizza House Pacific Beach and Mr. Moto Pizza House North Park.  If you follow either of the Facebook pages (hint…hint.) you’ve probably seen Mr. Moto’s weekly contests where participants can win a WHOLE MR. MOTO PIZZA HOUSE PIE of choice.

In a generous mood, and as a kick-off to a great summer, Mr. Moto held a contest for A MONTH OF FREE PIZZA… Yes, you read that right, a whole Mr. Moto Pizza House pie everyday for one month, completely FREE! Congratulations to Byri (North Park) and Nate (Pacific Beach) for winning the sensational prize of a Month of Free Pizza.

BIG THANKS to all of the Facebook Friends and Patrons who make Mr. Moto’s job the best one ever! Keep checking his pages for current contests and the next winner might just be YOU!

Yeah Baby!

Mr Moto Says... We were in the San Diego Union Tribune!


The ovens were newly warmed and the pizza dough was just starting to rise at Mr. Moto Pizza House North Park when we received our first feature article in the newspaper.  Someone must have been “following the mustache…” because the buzz of the new location was too big to contain.

 Mr. Moto would like to thank San Diego Union Tribune for highlighting not only the namesake Pizza House brand’s expansion from Pacific Beach, but also the dedication he and his team have to QUALITY(Think: cheese shredded by hand, premium marinara sauce, and New York Style Crust).

 Also, BIG thanks to our friends and neighbors in North Park for being so welcoming.  We love this neighborhood and hope Mr. Moto Pizza House is a place everyone can feel just as at-home.



Mr Moto Says... We were in Pacific Magazine!

Mr. Moto is so excited to be featured in PACIFIC San Diego Magazine’s 10th Annual Dining Issue (November 2016).  The feature tells in brief the Mr. Moto Pizza House story, but its focal point is lobbed on Mr. Moto’s dedication to crafting truly Gourmet Pizza.

 “Mama Moto Pizza for example, made with burrata, cheese, cherry tomatoes, mascarpone, a blend of Ricotta and Romano cheese, and an epicurean dash of truffle oil.  Another noteworthy favorite is the Mission Boulevard pie that’s sassed with artichokes, caramelized onions, cheese, garlic, marinara sauce, roasted tomatoes, Romano cheese, and Popeye’s favorite: spinach.”  – PACIFIC


Mr Moto Says... We were in Eater San Diego!!

When it comes to local dining and food news EATER San Diego is IT! It feels like just yesterday they came to visit Mr. Moto Pizza House North Park prior to the February 2017 Grand Opening.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves when the author writes, “The centerpiece of Mr. Moto’s menu remain its signature, fresh baked New York-style whole pizza pies and slices, all beautifully displayed for visitors to dine in or to take out by the slice.”

  The article truly showcases the love that went into the redesigned 1,000 square foot space.  The design scheme shares the same exposed brick and white subway tiles as the popular Mr. Moto Pizza House Pacific Beach location, which was inspired by the ambiance of an authentic New York pizzeria, with a modern So-Cal twist.  Mr. Moto North Park’s rustic wooden accents, covered side patio, and living succulent wall deem it a worthy destination indeed, but it’s the commitment to quality handcrafted food that keep his loyal customers full and satisfied.


Mr Moto Says... Thank you San Diego!

September 17, 2016 will go down in the books as the day Mr. Moto Pizza House took first place at the Inaugural San Diego Gourmet Pizza Fest held at Liberty Station.  With all the proceeds being donated to San Diego Mesa College it seemed a great opportunity to do some good for the community’s education system and have a LOT of FUN! Equipped with zest and passion for food you’d expect from a first generation Italian family, Mr. Moto Pizza was in it to win it!

 That being said, Mr. Moto didn’t pull any tricks to take the prestigious title; instead he stayed true to his core values of making fresh, quality pizza with sophisticated toppings.  The Judges took note and awarded the “Vodka Cream”, which features Vodka sauce, raspberry chipotle, sauce and sour cream, SUPREME! This specialty red pie, as well as many other mouth-watering goodies, is available at our Pacific Beach and North Park locations.