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About Mr. Moto

The New York style-pizza house is ready to demonstrate its know-how and prepare for you the most delicious pies, a perfect blend of the old and new world and a novel way of looking at pizza.

  1. Attention to detail is required

We understand that in order to create the finest pies, attention to detail is required during every step of the process. Therefore, we only use the freshest ingredients from quality sources, make our own dough by using filtered water and cook at the perfect temperature to ensure harmonious dissipation of flavors.

  1. Most variety in creative pizza

We pride ourselves in giving you the most variety in creative pizza offerings by displaying at least 20 different types of pizzas in our display case. We want to cater to your most exotic cravings. Part of our ongoing innovative process is to offer you our “pizza of the month” which is an always changing pie created by our masterfully skilled team of bakers.

  1. We deliver straight to you

We want you to come in and experience the Mr. Moto way but we also know that life has its unforeseen events, such as you getting your well-deserved rest at home. Luckily we have the pleasure of announcing that Mr. Moto delivers straight to your door step.

Press Rlease

Mr. Moto Pizza House stands to challenge the illusion that chain brand pizza delivery is the only option, and defies the presumption that all pizza places are created equal.  A visit to the flagship location in Pacific Beach, which happens to be a charming and popular beach community in San Diego, will certainly prove the same.

At Mr. Moto Pizza House “gourmet” truly means gourmet! Take the “Mama Moto Pizza” for example, which boasts burrata, cheese, cherry tomatoes, mascarpone, a blend of Ricotta and Romano cheese, and an epicurean dash of truffle oil.  An added delight is the “Pizza of the Month” listing that Mr. Moto himself concocts while hunting for fresh, local ingredients to experiment with in his pizza lab.

Mr. Moto Pizza House North Park celebrated it’s grand opening  in early 2017.  An accolade of the relatively young company, and good reminder that a second location is a good idea, is Mr. Moto’s inaugural win as “Best Gourmet Pizza” at the San Diego Gourmet Pizza Fest.   Mr. Moto looks forward to participating in more events such as this, and even other non-pizza centric community events.  The future is surely bright for Mr. Moto’s Pizza House, and it’s definitely not “basic”.

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